Utemaster Load Lid




Utemaster's checkerplate Load-Lid® is well known for its Quality, Strength and innovative design and has been developed so you can experience the flexibility and wide range of solutions of this unique product. Discover the aluminium advantage!

The Load-Lid® hardwearing aluminium treadplate construction means that you don't have to worry about damaging your precious hard top! Whether you have a dirty wheelbarrow, lawnmower, ladder, pallet, kayak or mountain bike, the Load-Lid® offers a stylish, no hassle solution. No worries!


We understand that you need to keep your gear safe. Unlike a canvas tonneau cover or an easily pried open fibreglass or plastic hard lid, the Load-Lid offers unparalleled security. The rigid design and innovative locking plate make it very hard to break into. Because it has a locking point on each rear corner, it is a lot harder to prise open.


With a load rating of 200kg, nothing comes near the Load-Lid® in terms of strength. Manufactured from 3mm base thickness aluminium treadplate, using a 5-way double skinned bracing system, the Load-Lid® can handle many different loads. Watch our video to see a BMX rider use it as his landing platform...and the cement bags? Well that's just in case you were thinking of dropping five 40kg bags onto your lid from 3 metres above...


Wet gear costs money. That's why the Standard Load-Lid® is guaranteed to be waterproof as we know the cost and inconvenience of turning up on site and everything in the back is soaked.

Click on your model of ute from the dropdown at the top right of the page to view your model of Ute with the "best hard lid in the world", designed, developed and manufactured in New Zealand!

Although Utemaster Load-Lids are designed to be weatherproof, all utes will get some water in around the tailgate in certain conditions. Therefore, water sensitive items must be stored at the owners risk and in containers (not placed straight in the deck floor). EZDown Australia Pty Ltd is not liable for any damage to customers property or to the vehicle.

Below are some optional extra's to go with the Load-Lid:


Designed to enhance the look of your Ute and to provide a railing to restrain loads up to 70Kg. These come standard in Black and provide a subtle yet versatile enhancement to the world's best hard lid.



Secure real loads of up to 150kg with a combination of either 4 or 6 zincplated steel lashing rings. The low profile design gives a rugged look and are a must-have for anyone who is serious about taking their Ute to the next level. At the end of the day, utes are meant to be tough aren't they?



If you've got the world's best hard lid, you'll feel like you can go anywhere in your Ute. There's no reason why a man's best friend should feel any different - The lid lift kit ensures that your dog gets all the ventilation it needs while you explore your new freedom. The lid lift kit can support bikes and bike carriers up to 50kg max.



Designed to attach directly to the underside of your Load-Lid®

The LED Light will illuminate your tray at night time, making it easier to see all your gear. Featuring x9 high density LEDs, this light will add another level of practicality to your tray. The light comes with 3M tape making it easy to mount. Powered by four AAA batteries so there is no wiring required.


**Because there are numerous configurations for the UteMaster Load Lids, all UteMaster Load Lids are made to order. Lead times are between 2-4 weeks**