Tailgate Assist - RAM 1500 DS/RAM 2500/RAM 3500

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Truck Bed Operation So Easy a Child Could Do It

If you’re looking for tailgate operation so smooth you could virtually use a single finger, then Dee Zee Tailgate assist is the choice for you. It allows easy operation, even when your hands are full, and avoid the bone-jarring “thud” from your truck bed slamming down.

This simple addition can extend the longevity of your tailgate and ensure the safety of operators, including children looking to lend a helping hand.

Our single dampened gas shock is extensively tested and works in conjunction with factory cables. All mounting hardware is included and no drilling is required for installation. Truck Tailgate Assist is designed specifically for each make and model, which makes installation a breeze.

Truck Tailgate Assist Features:

  • Safely Controls The Drop Rate of Your Tailgate
  • Designed Specifically for Each Make and Model
  • Tested To Handle Heavy Daily Use
  • Works In Conjunction With Factory Cables
  • Easy, No Drill Installation with Simple Hand Tools
  • All Hardware Included - Mounts to Driver's Side (As this product is USA made, Drivers Side Refers to LHS of Vehicle Tub when looking from the Rear of the Vehicle Toward the Front)
  • Only One (1) Tailgate Assist Required per Vehicle
  • 3-Year Warranty

Supported Vehicles:

2009–2011 RAM 1500 PICKUP
2009–2013 RAM 1500 PICKUP
2009–2016 RAM 1500 PICKUP
2009–2018 RAM 1500 PICKUP
2014–2018 RAM 1500 PICKUP

2019–2019 RAM 1500 PICKUP CLASSIC
2019–2020 RAM 1500 PICKUP CLASSIC
2019–2021 RAM 1500 PICKUP CLASSIC

2010–2018 RAM 2500 PICKUP
2010–2019 RAM 2500 PICKUP
2014–2015 RAM 2500 PICKUP
2020–2020 RAM 2500 PICKUP
2020–2021 RAM 2500 PICKUP

2010–2017 RAM 3500 PICKUP
2010–2018 RAM 3500 PICKUP
2010–2019 RAM 3500 PICKUP
2014–2015 RAM 3500 PICKUP
2020–2020 RAM 3500 PICKUP
2020–2021 RAM 3500 PICKUP

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