EZDown Reloaded (Up and Down Assist)

From the Inventors of the Original Hydraulic Tailgate Damper, the EZDown, comes their latest and greatest innovation to date. EZDown Reloaded is the better than perfect solution for lifting and lowering heavy ute tailgates. Now you can safely control the opening of your tailgate, with the added benefit of assistance when lifting/closing your tailgate.

As usual, all of their kits are Vehicle Specific and not a universal fit. Don’t fall for those cheap replica’s and knock offs with their so called “cleverly designed struts”. The Patented Reloaded System makes light work of your tailgate with a Genuine Stabilus Hydraulic Dynamic Oil Damper, used to slow the descent of the falling tailgate, whilst a Torsion Pod builds up tension at the same time.

When you lift your tailgate to close it back up, the extremely intelligently engineered system releases tension on the 14 Coil Highly Sprung Steel Torsion Rod, and makes closing your tailgate a single finger, effortless job! Want a Tailgate Assist system that will outlast the rest, and possibly outlast your vehicle – look no Further!