The EZDown - an innovation so simple and yet so practical, it's just a matter of time before it tops the list of "essential items" of Ute owners. Our patented EZDown Tailgate Assist kits equip your ute tailgate with soft-release and hands-free lowering.

By using quick disconnect dampers to absorb the speed of tailgate descent, the EZDown Tailgate Assist is not so much a nice-to-have, as much as a must-have - especially when you consider what it can add in terms of safety and convenience.

Now, there's no chance of the tailgate crashing down on your child's head like a ton of bricks when opening your tailgate. The tailgate will now come down nice and slowly.



Beware of imitations, if unsure, contact us directly.


Only the best!

Honestly, I will never use another brand again! The EZDown Tailgate Assist is the BEST!! My last kit "grunted" to a halt after 3 months - EZDown is still going strong 3 years later on my Hilux!

J. Gutherson

Great bit of Kit!

Excellent Quality, Good Instructions, Works Perfectly! Terrific Customer service from the team!

Vyasa Schiemer

Brilliant Product!

Absolutely 100% worth the money! Not only does it look seriously cool having the tailgate lower itself, but it's saved my tailgate a few times and my kid's heads when they normally open it up! Highly recommended! Should come standard!

Caleb Marin

A Must-Have!

I purchased the EZDown for my Amarok as my Kid's love to open the tailgate and it would easily knock them out if they couldn't hold it or standing too close. The EZDown has saved my tailgate many times, and delivery was VERY fast! The service from the EZDown Sales team has been nothing short of excellent! Installed in 10 minutes!

Brent Duffield

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